Fried Chicken Recipe (using rice flour)

Written by Sun Dahlfred on .

How to Make Fried chicken using rice flour



1.  Wash  the chicken. Let sit for 10 min.


2. Mix a cup rice flour with 1 TB salt and 1 Tb ground black pepper for the breading.


3. Turn on a pot of palm oil to medium heat (3 if hi is 6). 


4. Mix 1/2 cup milk or whey and 1/4 c rice flour with 1 egg and beat.


5. Dip drumsticks/thighs into liquid, cover with breading mix, and fry for 30-40 min. (35 for convection ovens)



6. Check last piece in the pot of oil to see if piercing it draws any red blood or clear juice. If clear, then it's cooked and the whole batch can be taken out of the pot.



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