How I Pray For Evangelism

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

When I pray for evangelism, I don’t pray that as many people as possible make a profession of faith at the end of an evangelistic event. That may seem weird, because the success of evangelism is often measured according to the number of people who pray to accept Christ.

However, the reality is most people who pray to receive Christ in an evangelistic meeting never join a church, don’t grow in the Lord, and perhaps were never converted to begin with. That’s not always true, but statistically, it’s a high percentage.

How then should we pray for evangelism? What outcomes should we pray for when we pray for evangelistic events and other types of evangelistic outreach? Whether it’s a personal conversation or a large event, my prayers tend to be similar.

  • I pray that the Holy Spirit will open hearts and minds to be interested in Christ and want to know more.
  • I pray that people will begin to see the futility and wickedness of their sin and the greatness of Christ. 

  • I pray that when they initially hear about the gospel at an event, they will be interested in Christ enough to start going to church, start going to a Bible study, or start asking the friend who invited them more about Christ. 

  • I pray that in the coming weeks and months after their initial exposure to the Gospel, they will start reading the Bible and learning more about this Jesus, both on their own and in a group setting such as church. 

  • I pray they will start taking part in a small group Bible study, worship services, and fellowship meals so that they can experience the love and welcome of the Christian community.

Becoming a Christian is not just about an individual decision to follow Christ but it’s about becoming part of the body of Christ. The goal of evangelism is not just an individual decision, but a lifelong walk of growing discipleship and active participation in the body of Christ. That’s the goal and that’s what I pray for.

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