You know you're a pioneer missionary when...

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

I can identify with a number of these indications that you you are pioneer missionary from Forrest McPhail’s book, “Pioneer Missions: Meet the Challenges, Share the Blessings” (read my review here).  Perhaps some of my fellow missionaries can as well.  Forrest writes…

You know you're a pioneer missionary when:

  • Your neighbor thinks that you have magical powers as a holy man
  • You suddenly come across a little girl in the countryside and, screaming, she runs away from the foreigner
  • You apply passages of the Bible referring to food offered to idols to actual food-offered-to-idols scenarios
  • Almost every believer you know is a first-generation Christian
  • You wonder whether a bag of rice given to someone in compassion might obscure the Gospel
  • Many of the new believers confess to having seen demons, even after conversion
  • You can quote Genesis 1:1 in a foreign language before you can remember how to quote John 3:16 in English
  • When you present the Gospel, you have to address the issue of persecution

Source: Forrest McPhail. Pioneer Missions: Meet the Challenges, Share the Blessings (Kindle Locations 165-171).



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