Announcing the 2014 Southeast Asia Reformed Conference

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

In the world of evangelical missions, there are lots of ideas, methodologies, and strategies. Some are biblical and helpful. Some aren’t. Few are developed from a consciously Reformed framework. What should the Reformed faith (what's that?) look like in Asian soil? What does it look like to proclaim and live out the implications of a Reformed, Gospel-centered faith in Southeast Asia and beyond?

Earlier this year, a missionary friend in a nearby country asked on Facebook if their were any Reformed conference in Southeast Asia.  No one could think of any, so some of us decided to do something about that. Started by four missionaries from three organizations in two countries, the newly launched Southeast Asia Reformed Network aims to bring together Reformed believers (and those open to Reformed teaching) to answer those questions. The Southeast Asia Reformed Network's is a network of Reformed believers who want to see an increasing number of missionaries and Christians in Southeast Asia grounded in a Reformed worldview and able to apply the Scriptures faithfully to life and ministry in Southeast Asia.


The website and blog, and accompanying Facebook page, are one part of that effort. Another major part is the Southeast Asia Reformed Conference this November 20-22, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. As Reform-minded believers meet each other online and at the conference, it is my hope (and that of the other organizers) that friendships, resource sharing, and co-operative ministry efforts would be birthed, and new Reformed initiatives would develop throughout Southeast Asia.

To read more about the Southeast Asia Reformed Network, and to register for the Conference, please visit

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