Who is Taiwanese Evangelist Peter Christ?

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During the month of September, Taiwanese evangelist Peter Christ (Chinese name: 許榮彰) is doing a tour of churches in Thailand, leading revival and healing meetings in the North, Northeast, and Bangkok.  The Thai-language promotional video (below) advertising his meetings raised some questions and concerns in my mind, which led me to gather some more info on him.  It seems that he has prosperity gospel leanings, or at the very least he is sympathetic to that form of false teaching.

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I want to use the rest of this blog post to list several of the unanswered questions and concerns that I have about this evangelist, so that missionaries and Thai Christians will have some idea of what they can expect if Peter comes through their area.


First, I will let his biographical blurb speak for itself.  This was forwarded to me by one of Peter’s supporters in Thailand:

Peter Christ"Pastor Hsu Lung Chang Peter Christ . Tainaness, Taiwan, was born in  September 24 1973, and being filled with the Holy Spirit upon believing in Jesus at the age of 13 , called to be  Pastor and always has conversation with the Holy Spirit since his childhood and fall in love with Jesus,. Then began to stand in the church pulpit and serving the churches. He had been died at aged 20 , went to the gates of hell to experience the true torment of the hell. Later, he was caught up to the first and second heavens and saw the glory of the heaven.  Prior to his ordination as a Pastor,  he was the artist in Taiwan when he aged 22 , same period as F4 - Meteor Garden,. He had been a protagonist and acted in many drama programs. And led many, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, famous Artists to the Lord, serve, discipleship them. He sent by the Holy Spirit to prophesied to the Taiwan's political leaders, Ma Ying-jeou, and led, the former Deputy President of Taiwan, sister Annette Lui with knees bowed down and hands raised up to pray in English words by words to repent and proclaim Jesus as her personal Savior. He often do evangelism and preach the Gospel by exalting the Holy name of Jesus, God, Holy Spirit in media.   He ordained as a Pastor at the age 26 after graduation from the American Eternal bible college and hence became the youngest artist Pastor in Taiwan. He then, established (Jesus God Holy Spirit Church) and (JGH TV ministry ) and serving the churches for many years. Serve Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit nearly 30 years. Unmarried devoted his golden age to his favorite Jesus God Holy Spirit. He has been to the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and many other places to serve the churches And he also preach the Gospel,  Revival, Sermons, Evangelism, training Apostles all over China for many years. He has the Gift of Prophecy and Spiritual Eyes Opening Anointing with which people could usually see the light of the holy spirit which could deliver them from poverty, bondage and spirit of suffering torture . He could always experience the same pain of brothers and sisters while serving them and empathy with tears. Therefore, he has the title of (crybaby Apostle Peter). He has a special Anointing and Gifts, particular in Praise and Worship, Spirit Dance , Revelation, Eschatology Rapture, Glory Dowry, Gold Dust  miracles manifest , Wealth Flip. He is a very much in love, with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, very approachable, very easy-going, lively, outgoing, sunny young, but a good experienced servant of God. He has been an interpreter for many Key Apostles and Prophets for many years and received from them Anointing of the Holy Spirit and Office. If any church, family, company, team, everyone who would like to invite Pastor Peter Christ to serve, please try to notify. Emanuel !  [JGH TV Ministry]."

Reading through this bio, a few items stand out to me:

1. He died and went to heaven and hell and then came back again.

Seriously? This really sounds like an attention-getting ploy to make him sound more spiritual.

2. He went to American Eternal Bible College?

I can’t find any information about this school.  There is no webpage and I have asked around to see if anybody else knows about it.  Nobody does.  I asked the person who sent me his bio, and I was directed to the school listed on Peter’s Facebook profile: Everlasting CHIP Ministry University International永恆事工國際大學 (more about echip later). But that doesn’t answer my question about American Eternal Bible College.  Is it a real school?

3. Money-related gifts

Among the long list of his spiritual gifts are gold dust and wealth flip, both of which have a prosperity gospel ring to them.  I don’t know what “Wealth Flip” is, but the gold dust miracle has been used in Thailand before.  If you discover a piece of gold dust on you during the revival meeting, it means you will getting a blessing, get wealthy, or some such.  I don’t know how Peter does the gold dust miracle, but in another instance which I was told about, glitter was released from the ceiling.  Also, note that his resume also includes the ability to release people from poverty.

Exagerrated Educational Credentials

To come back to his current school, Everlasting CHIP Ministry University International, this school / ministry is run by Dr. Bruno Caporrimo. According to his bio, Dr. Bruno holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from Living Word Bible College and a Doctorate in Theology from California State Christian University.  A web search for Living Word Bible College brought me to a college offering one-year degree in preparation for a bachelor’s degree, and another school whose main attraction is a one-year degree in Mime. I can’t find any Living Word Bible College that grants Doctor of Divinity degrees.  Similarly, a search for California State Christian University reveals no list of degrees offered on the official website, and apparently there has been some question as to whether CSCU is a diploma mill.

Why do I bring up the educational credentials of the head of Peter’s school?  Because a person who has an over-inflated or possibly dishonest list of credentials may be less qualified for teaching and ministry than they appear to be on paper, and there is also the question of integrity and humility.  Of course it is not necessary to have a degree in order to teach the Bible or preach, but Scripture does require honesty and humility.  Whether it is Dr. Bruno’s claimed doctorates, or Peter’s claimed study at the phantom American Eternal Bible College, both integrity and humility in self-presentation and qualifications are in question.

Endorsement of Benny Hinn

Peter Christ says that he received his anointing for ministry from Benny Hinn at age 18, and in a recent Facebook post, Peter posted a video from Benny Hinn with the comment, “Come see this if you want money!”


Anyone who is favorable to Benny Hinn and his false prosperity teaching is suspect in my mind.

I have emailed Peter to ask about American Eternal Bible College and Benny Hinn but I have not heard anything back yet.

If you or those you know are invited to a Peter Christ revival meeting, it would be good to keep in mind the above info.  I have not been able to gather enough data to make any firm judgment about Peter Christ and his ministry, but there are enough red flags that have compelled me to write this word of caution.

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