Church History Timeline to 1500

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 One my goals in teaching church history at Bangkok Bible Seminary is to develop resources to help make church history accessible for my students.  There are a small number of church history book available in Thai, but my students were asking for handouts summarizing what I was teaching in the classroom.  Eventually, I will find time to make those handouts but in the meantime, I have made an interactive church history timeline to help them review what we've been learning.


In this blog post, I have embedded the English version of the timeline that I put together.  However, the vast majority of my students don't speak English well enough to use English language study resources, so this English version was the intermediary step to producing a Thai version.  If you are a Thai speaker (or just want to see what the Thai version looks like), please click here to view the Thai version of the timeline.


This timeline only goes up to the year 1500 but I plan on producing two more timelines for, 1) church history from 1500 to the present, and 2) Thai church history (or, the history of the church in Thailand)


Click on each frame of the timeline (or use your left and right arrow buttons) to advance to the next frame or use the scroll bar on the bottom to travel back and forth through time.  In the top right corner you also have the option to view as a chart (default) or as a list (vertical listing of events).







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