New eBook: “A Modern Apostle of Siam: A Sketch of the Life and Work of Rev. Eugene P. Dunlap, D.D."

Written by Karl Dahlfred.

Not long ago, I ran into the story of Eugene Dunlap while reading Alex Smith’s book, “Siamese Gold: The Church in Thailand, 1828-1982.”  While missionaries in late 19th century Bangkok were lamenting how hard it was to reach people, Dunlap was out there doing it.  In his schooner, “The Kalamazoo,” Dunlap sailed up and down the Thai coast, stopping at islands, and sailing up rivers sharing the Gospel.  Inland, he traveled by elephant, by buffalo cart, by foot, and by any other means that he could.  Several months per year were spent almost entirely in itinerant evangelism.


Smith didn’t write a lot about Dunlap but it was enough to pique my interest.  Who was this man?  Following Smith’s sources, I discovered a brief biographical sketch written shortly after Dunlap’s death, “A Modern Apostle of Siam.” It was first published in “Missionary Review of the World” (v.41, June 1918, p.410-422), and turned out to be a fascinating story of a little known missionary pioneer.  His story had so much character and flavor to it that I decided that I could not keep it to myself. So I turned “A Modern Apostle of Siam” into a Kindle book. Well, a booklet actually.  It is fairly short.


While anyone who wanted to could search for “A Modern Apostle of Siam” on the internet and read the PDF, I've found that putting something on Kindle and posting it on Amazon increases the likelihood of it being read by about a thousand percent or so.


If you’d like to check out Dunlap’s story on Kindle, head over to Amazon and grab it for $0.99.  I’ve cleaned up the scan errors that are so common on historic public domain documents on Kindle, and reformatted the whole thing for a good Kindle reading experience.  And included the original photos.


I hope you find the testimony of Dunlap’s life as fascinating and challenging as I have.

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