Finding a Church in Thailand

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

In the United States, it is easy to get online and look up churches.  In Thailand, a lot of churches don’t have websites.  Locating Thai churches outside of Bangkok or Chiang Mai can be difficult.  I hope that this post will fill the gap for those who are looking to connect Thai friends with Thai churches in Thailand.

On the website of the eStar Foundation, there is a Church Locations Map that uses Google map technology to help you search for churches in certain locations.  Once you have requested (and been granted) a password by eStar, you can use the Thai/English interface to search for churches in various parts of Thailand.

If you are a foreigner (or a Thai) looking to help Thai friends connect up with Thai churches when they go to Thailand, please point them to the following page so that they can look up churches in the area they are going to.


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