Soccer Evangelism in Thailand

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

What is the most effective way to get to know people and share the Gospel with them?  Although every few years some “great new thing” presents itself as the “key” to reaching people with the Gospel, anything that puts you in contact with people and helps you build relationships can be effective.  For some missionaries, that is going to be English teaching.  For others, it might be sewing, taking kids to the playground, fixing cars, baking or basketball.  There are as many ways to get to know people as there are people.  

In Thailand, where my wife & I serve as missionaries, soccer is really popular.  Personally, neither of us are into soccer but I am glad that some missionaries and local Thai Christians are. The video below illustrates how soccer is being used in Thailand to meet guys and share the Gospel with them. The Thai pastor interviewed in the video is the one whom we work together with to do outreach in nearby Nong Doan.   

If you have trouble viewing the video above, click here to watch it directly on YouTube

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