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thailand_mapThe Thai church is growing faster than it ever has in the past and there is much reason to rejoice at how God is working in Thailand.  Yet, as a new year begins, there is still much need for prayer.  Still less than 1% of Thai people are Christians and the challenges to the spread of the Gospel and growth of the church are many. 


For those who want to pray for Thailand in the new year, I have put together a brief list of prayer needs. This list is not exhaustive but I believe that it hits upon some of the major needs of the nation and the church.  Read it below or download the PDF, print it out and stick it in your Bible to pray for Thailand this coming year.


Thai Political Situation
  • Easing of on-going tension between supporters of current government (who wear yellow shirts) and ousted former prime minister Taksin (who wear red shirts).  There may be another coup or bloodshed before things finally settle down but we pray for better things.
  • Health of the elderly 82 yr old king whose moral influence brings stability and security to the country. 
  • Preservation of religious freedom.  Some Buddhists have tried to make Buddhism the official national religion to offset Muslim influence but if this legislation were to come up again and pass, it would have negative consequences for Christians as well as Muslims.

Thai Churches

  • Many churches and Christians fall under the influence of the prosperity gospel and false prophets.  Pray for Biblical discernment and Biblical grounding for Thai Christians.
  • Many churches, especially outside of Bangkok, are small and weak.  Nominalism is not uncommon, and many still have Buddhist/animistic ideas mixed in with their Christian faith.  Pray for strengthening, renewal, and reformation within the Thai church.
  • It is not uncommon for new Thai Christians to face opposition from family and friends.  Pray that these new believers would be well grounded in the faith and be trained by their churches to be able to give a reason for the hope they have within them.
  • The major Thai church denominations have united around Vision 2010, a plan to plant churches in every town in Thailand.  Praise God for interdenominational unity which didn't used to exist, and pray that Thai churches would depend on God and His Word and His Spirit as they start new church planting initiatives.
  • There are many more churches than there are qualified and called Christian leaders, either full-time or lay.  Pray that God would raise up many more pastors, elders, deacons, and other Thai Christian leaders for the Thai church.  Pray for current leaders that they have perseverance and joy in serving God despite pressure and opposition from both inside and outside the church.  There are many spiritual and economic challenges particularly for full-time pastors.


  • The Thai church is growing but still makes up less than 1% of the entire Thai population.  Missionaries are still needed.  Pray that the LORD would send out workers for his harvest (Matt 9:38).
  • New missionaries (and even veteran missionaries) face challenges from language and culture differences.  Pray for increasing understanding on the part of missionaries and increasing knowledge of how to best work with the Thai in both evangelism and discipleship.
  • Missionaries are far from home.  Even more than food from their homeland, missionaries miss having family, relatives, and friends living nearby.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters who would spend time with and help with the kids are not available. Pray for perseverance, support, encouragement, and community for missionaries and their families.

A prayer guide for Thailand called “Nine Blessings for Thailand” is also available from the OMF bookstore in the USA and the UK.  Embedded below is a short video slideshow that goes along with the Nine Blessings prayer guide.

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