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I am convinced that I no matter how long I live in Thailand, I will continue to run into strange new creatures that I have never seen before.  The other day when I was bringing groceries into the kitchen, I saw on the floor what looked like a scorpion.  However, on closer inspection, it didn't have the telling scorpion-tale but rather a long needle tail.  I got down on the floor to take some pictures, hoping it was not too dangerous.  Eventually I scooped it up in a dustpan and threw it out the front door, not wanting to upset nature lovers who were saddened by my blog about killing the snake that got into our house.  Today, I learned from a fellow missionary that my scorpion wanna-be is actually a vinegar bug.  It has a better sounding name in Spanish, but my friend could not recall what the name was.  Apparently, the long needle on the rear of the bug shoots out a smelly vinegar type spray when the bug is upset or scared.  Fortunately, getting scooped into the dustbin was not disturbing enough to get shot with vinegar.



Vinegar Bug


In addition to the vinegar bug, for the third time in the past week, we have found what seems to be a baby snake around the door of Joshua's room.  It is smaller, thinner, and faster moving than a worm so I can't think of what else it might be.  It might just be a different type of worm that I haven't seen before but snake is my best guess so far.  Here is a video of it for those of you who might have some better guess at it's identification.



While I was inspecting this latest "snake", Joshua ran and got the broom and said, "I going to kill the snake".  All he succeeded in doing was pushing it under some pillows on his floor.  Previously I had taken a little broom and swept the suspected baby snake out the door so Joshua must have remembered what Daddy had done last time.  Eventually, I was able to get the broom back from Joshua and brush the creepy crawly out the front door.  I still don't know what it was but I hope no more of them appear in the house.


Joshua attacks baby snake with broom


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