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It is never a good idea to toot your own horn, however one of our fellow missionaries here in Lopburi approached us the other day to say that she'd like to toot our horn for us. Judy had it on her heart to write a letter to our supporters to let them know about what she & her husband have observed in the lives of our family since we moved in down the street from them this past year. Both Sun & I think that Judy speaks WAY too kindly of us and that our lives certainly don't live up to the picture that she paints. However, I include below the full text of Judy's letter, for those who would enjoy reading an outsider's perspective on our lives and ministry in Thailand.

February 10, 2007

Dear Friends of Karl & Sun,

It was an amazing Christmas Eve, one we will never forget, and one that is already altering the future.We are so blessed to have Karl & Sun here, living just down the street from us.You see, Christmas approached way too fast this year, and all of us [Thai language] students has so many other outreaches and extra things on the go that we thought, when could we ever do something for our neighbors?

Well, God divinely put it together. We planned on an evening meal together, some games… and our neighbors came, especially those whom we had previously built relationships with. And this is where Christmas eve turned out exceptional… Karl played a great True or False game with the Thais about Christmas, and ended up sharing the Gospel. His Thai language is so fluent and clear, and our neighbors were so interested in what he was talking about.

A new openness was born that night. More talks of Jesus followed. Neighbors have asked for prayer and seen God answer. Such as a lady down the street whose friend’s son slipped off a deck and hit the cement with his back. They didn’t think he’d walk, but today he walks..

We just want to say THANK-YOU for being behind Karl & Sun as they minister here. If you could only see them & hear them, You would be so encouraged. The Love of Jesus just flows from them. They take time to sit and talk to the Thais… and when we see them, all we an say is, “They are just like Jesus” Loving people, taking time to care, putting others before themselves.

And also I want to add, They are a huge encouragement to us fellow students as well. We are an older couple here, learning this language a little slower.. but they inspire us with their diligence. And also inspire our adult daughters who also are students here in Lopburi.

Thank-you, this couple is a wonderful gift to this land where less than 1% of the people know Jesus.

Judy Griffioen

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