Renewing My Mind: Justification

Written by Karl Dahlfred.

Since we're back in the States for a few months, I've been taking advantage of the much higher internet speed and abundance of good English language books that are available here. Filling my mind with not only Scripture but good solid Biblical books and sermons is always beneficial to me and is a benefit to our ministry at home and abroad. If I am continually thinking upon God, His revealed will, and the application of that in my life and in the church, then I will be build up in my walk in Christ and those whom I interact with will (hopefully) benefit as well. I wanted to post here the links to a series of four sermons on justification that a missionary colleague recommended to me. Justification is one of those core truths of the Christian faith that is necessary to review again and again. It is also a core truth of the Christian faith that is not talked about much these days or if it is, it is often simplified to "Jesus died for your sins." I found these sermons very helpful and hopefully some of you will as well.

Edward Donnelly - Justification #1 - Its Importance
Edward Donnelly - Justification #2 - Its Meaning and Ground
Edward Donnelly - Justification #3 - Its Source and Instrument
Edward Donnelly - Justification #4 - Its Implications
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