Mass Evangelism Gone Awry - Part 2

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

I recently ran across a radio program called "Sinners & Saints" put on by some United Reformed Church guys in Southern California and thought that many of their comments on crusade-style mass evangelism dovetailed well with my recent post on mass evangelism in Thailand. Some people may find that they come on a bit strong, or are a bit too cynical at times, but I find most of their observations to be right on, pointing out the bad theology and methodology that is behind much of modern mass evangelism, which in the end results in many false conversions and a weakening of the church of Christ. If you take a listen and start to think to yourself

, "So, they don't like what everyone else is doing, but are they going to offer any positive alternative?" then just keep listening because they do offer what they see as the primary way that God has ordained for the preaching of the Gospel and for sinners to hear the Good News of Christ.

Here's the link: Sinner's & Saints Radio Program about the Harvest Crusades, with discussion of the history and theology of mass evangelism ( 24 minutes

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