Multiply Your Money x30: Buy Silver Mining Stocks

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Silver is rising fast. And it will skyrocket any time now! I've already written that buying silver bullion will multiply your money x10. Now, I want to share with you how to multiply your money x30. That's right. 30-fold! This is the best way to make passive income, especially on making money online. This is THE most effective way to work from home.silver minining pick ax

Purchase silver mining stocks to multiply your money x30. As with all things, high rewards come with high risks. Therefore, make this speculative investment a small percentage of your overall investment, if you are conservative like me. Secondly, reduce your risks further by investing in multiple silver mining stocks. The list below is a mix of producers, near-term producers, and development projects in quality properties with long-life mines. I would avoid ones with high-risk locations or problematic management teams, which, of course, did not make it on the list below. Other than that, many of the mining stocks will perform excellently when the price of silver skyrockets.

Why Will Silver Increase 10-fold?

1. Silver is rare. Only 1% is converted to silver bullion that can be purchased by investors.

2. Silver is the most important industrial commodity, second only to copper.

3. Silver is extremely undervalued. Precious metals are currently undervalued, especially silver. Historically, 16 oz of silver will buy 1 oz of gold (gold/silver ratio 1:16). Currently, it takes 72 oz of silver to buy one oz of gold. Silver will rise to bring the ratio to gold back to 1:16 again.

4. Silver is under-supplied. It hasn't been able to meet all the demand for years-- in the medical, industrial, or investment sector.

5. Few purely silver miners make those who do even more valuable.

Which Silver Mining Stocks Should I Buy To Gain 3,000% Increase?

Research for yourself which stocks you like. Investopedia defines the difference between large cap vs small cap: "Large-cap corporations, or those with larger market capitalizations of $10 billion or more, tend to grow more slowly than small caps, which have values between $300 million and $2 billion."

Below are the top 10 silver mining stocks I'm most interested in buying:

1. Fortuna Silver Mines (FSM)

2. First Majestic Silver (AG)

3. Coeur Mining Inc. (CDE)

4. MAG Silver Corp (MAG)

5. Alexco Resources Corp (AXU)

6. Aurcana Silver Corp (AUNFF)

7. Silver One Resources Inc (SLVRF)

8. Bear Creek Mining (BCEKF)

9. Hochschild Mining Plc (HCHDF)

10. Impact Silver Corp (ISVLF)

If you want to diversify even further, here are more choice stocks that did not make it to the top 10: WPM, GOLD, and HL. Silver is a small sector, and silver mining is an even smaller sector, so the market is very volatile. Be prepared for lots of ups and downs. However, we are about to witness silver skyrocket up, so the small corrections are only little breaks for it to catch it's breath before flying higher. Get on board now and ride along as your money multiplies x30!

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