How to Multiply Your Money x10 in 2020: Buy Silver

Written by Sun Dahlfred on .

Do you want to multiply your money 10-fold? I do. That’s why I’m investing in silver bullion. Experts are saying that gold will rise 2.5 times AND silver will rise 10 times. That’s what a 10 bagger is. I’m not an expert, but I am reading lots of info online that tells me precious metals are the way to go, like here and here.

I’ve also been following Franklin Sanders from the Moneychanger for many years. Among his treasure trove of insightful articles, he wrote the 10 Commandments for buying gold and silver. Very helpful fundamentals! He believes that both metals will skyrocket in this bull run which would last 9-10 years. Silver will outperform gold by 400%! And he offers a swapping strategy with the goal of doubling the number of your ounces. His sons are able to help you buy and sell physical precious metals directly to/from them at Volunteer Precious Metals. His interview with James Turk, founder of Goldmoney led me to invest with them. Turk’s book The Money Bubble opened my eyes to see how imminent the currency collapse is.

Go With Goldmoney

Goldmoney is headquartered in Jersey, a UK island off the coast of France. You can easily apply and conveniently complete all your transactions online. You can choose to keep your metals in secure vaults all over the world. And of course, you can have the physical metals delivered to your home. Of course, they do charge a 0.5% fee for purchases, as well as a monthly fee for storage. And their prices are at a slight premium above the spot price. However, for the convenience of investing online, it’s a great option for us for the past five years!

Create a Reserve and Accumulate Wealth

An email from a friend looking for a $4500 donation to fix his truck reminded me of how many people are precariously living paycheck to paycheck, without sufficient reserve for unexpected (and should be expected!) emergencies, such as new tire replacement, illness, accident, job loss, COVID pandemic, etc. In this day and age, there are ways to make extra income in the form of passive income that could not only prepare people for planned and unplanned emergencies but also accumulate wealth. Affiliate marketing is one way I’ve previously written about. Do yourself a favor and begin looking into how you can make extra income. It could mean the difference between going broke or getting wealthy. Right now, I’m heavily invested in silver bullion. If the experts are right, I can be financially independent in the next 4-5 years, maybe sooner. I hope you will be, too!

As always, leave me a comment or a question. I am happy to help you any way I can.

Buy Precious Metals with Goldmoney Now!

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